Built to Suit Tailor made Bespoke

Offsite design & construction

Who we are

A large Lux-based capital group that has been delivering RE projects across Europe since 2007 within many market segments including logistics, industrial, residential and office working with a host of global brands.

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What we do

Utilising innovative technology and bespoke design solutions, we create made to measure living spaces and life-style platforms.

Not limited by size or specification — we can join modules together in a range of ways to enable very efficient floor plans containing different sized units.

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How we do it

Our holistic approach provides our clients with bespoke, end to end construction solutions by integrating design, engineering, supply chain, logistics and construction.

Utilising advanced technology across the entire project's lifecycle is one of the major factors of our increased productivity.

Transparency enables ​our clients to check the progress of the project at any time.

Working with us