Offsite Design & Production

Utilising 15 years of production and delivery know how, we provide plug and play living spaces that come fully fitted out to any specification reducing the labour needs on site.

Technology where
IT matters most

Our units are custom made for our clients using the most modern materials and technology. Hybrid composite solutions ensure excellent construction ratings in addition to warranties that give peace-of-mind to our partners. Due to the technology employed we are able to deliver up to 50% faster than traditional methods.

A range of possibilities

Be it affordable, student, senior or luxury living or office units. Our fully transparent quality control comes from our experience working with renowned global clients.

Circular Economy Ready

Our products are produced with the future in mind. Patent-pending solutions mean that the units can be dismantled, moved and reassembled and re-positioned to ensure less environmental impact. Each construction element is stress-tested to meet the requirements of multiple uses effectively.

Team Work

Our design team supports throughout the whole process - from design to delivery we work together with your team to ensure the best results for the project. Our team comprises of architects and structural engineers that will share all materials during the step-by-step process to make sure that you are fully informed of all parameters.


Vivia is wholly owned by the Tonsa Group — a large investment, development and operation company with approximately 1 bln € of assets under management. It is our goal to make projects happen in a stable, time and cost efficient way.

Our benefits

  • shorter time
    much shorter construction time​
  • greater flexibility
    greater flexibility — bespoke, not limited by design or size​​
  • 15+ storey buildings
    ability to deliver 15+ storey buildings​
  • advanced technology
    advanced technology with patent pending solutions
  • zero waste
    zero waste, automated production
  • excellent building acoustics & fire rating
    excellent building acoustics & fire rating ​
  • passive & smart home ready
    passive & smart home ready​
  • quality control
    incredible quality control with smart sensor system — measuring moisture, temperature, stress levels etc.

Our end to end process

  1. Start
  2. Design
  3. Engineering
  4. Permits & Approvals
  5. Offsite construction & site prep
  6. Delivery
  7. Assembly
  8. Finishing touches
  9. Ready to move in